Friday, May 9, 2014

Around Home

Piper took a walk with me through the apartment complex to get my mail. We stopped along the way to take a couple pics of the neighborhood.

Ubiquitous palm trees!

Checking out the pool area!

Afterwards we came back inside and took some time to meet the three kitty girls!

Mika is the oldest at approximately 14. She was unfazed by her introduction to Piper.

Gracie is the middle kitty at about 10 years old. She was also equally unfazed by Piper.

Ginger is the baby. She just turned 1 in April. She was VERY interested in Piper and wanted to try her patented method of "biting" to say hi. I swooped in before any harm was done. (Ginger likes to use her teeth to say hi to everything - me included! - so Piper was in good company! LOL)

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